Seizing upon the AR game's marketing pull, Virgin Active has made an interactive workout featuring Pokéstops and Pokémon gyms

Many businesses have seized the marketing opportunity Pokémon GO fans have supplied. This new application lets you live the world of the beloved Pokémon through your smartphone by catching them and training them in specific locations. Virgin Active, a chain of health and fitness clubs, is using the Poké-obsession as a motivational benefit, creating the first Pokémon GO-based 5K run in London.

The route will be guided by certified trainers and will include some of the city’s key Pokéstops as well as Pokémon gyms, so participants may train alongside their Pokémons. The run will also feature outdoor bodyweight training. The distance has been thought out in accordance to the game’s requirements, so that new eggs may hatch after the specified 5K.

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