World’s First Hearing Aid Connected To The Internet Of Things

World’s First Hearing Aid Connected To The Internet Of Things

An IoT-enabled aid connects to practically any device to help people with hearing impairments

Azalea Pena
  • 12 july 2016

While there have been hearing aids that can connect to iOS and Android devices, there’s still nothing that can offer what Oticon’s Opn can offer those who deal with hearing impairments.

It’s the world first hearing aid that can actually connect to the Internet of Things, which means it can connect to other connected devices like smoke detectors, doorbells, baby alarms and other devices. Through the If Then Then That (IFTTT) platform, people can use recipes to trigger effects for certain causes. For instance, if a text message is received, the lights in the room turn orange. If someone rings your doorbell, Opn will notify the user that “There’s someone at the door.”

hearing aid 'oticon opn-small-size

Opn’s interconnectivity will surely improve the quality of life for people with hearing problems.


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