The Digital Transformation Playbook from BMC & PSFK uncovers how companies need to collect the right data and process it properly to plan for the future

According to a recent report from Accenture, “Big Success From Big Data,” researchers found that 89 percent of respondents who have implemented at least one big data project see it as a way to revolutionize business operations, and 85 percent believe big data will dramatically change the way business is done. Information is a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace, but only if businesses know what kind of data to collect and how to utilize the most important bits of information. With access to more data than ever before, a clear means exists to get ahead of the competition and improve internal operations. However, companies need the right tools and processes in place to translate this data into actionable insights. These crucial systems can help organizations unlock hidden knowledge, enable faster and more informed decisions, drive new innovations and build forward-looking plans for the future.

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