A designer explores how our internet addiction has affected our mental health

In this new era, we are constantly bombarded with opportunities to dive into all sorts of information. Social media and mindless browsing undoubtedly take up a good chunk of our time. Besides wasting our time, David McCandless is a writer and designer who believes that the internet also somewhat diminishes our mental health. Therefore, he undertook a project called Intermental to name and explain mental conditions from internet use.

The mental conditions listed include ‘Devorce,' which is when an intimate couple may physically be together but are individually browsing their electronic devices. They live separate, parallel lives in a sense. Another listed condition is ‘Smart Tick,' which is when any pause in social exchanges or any type of stimuli leads us to check our phones to fill up the empty time and space. To a certain extent, these are all conditions that most people with access to tech devices subconsciously or consciously struggle with.

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