A California-based art gallery is creating pictographs based on famous artists and their signature works

The Los Angeles based Cantor Fine Art Gallery has created a collection of emojis based on famous artists and their signature works, and has been releasing the emojis on Instagram. Dali’s emoji feature his signature, exaggerated mustache and a surrealist clock melting atop his head. Georgia O’Keefe has turned into a cartoon version of the cow skull with flowers. Warhol sports his exaggerated hair, sipping from a Campbell Soup can.

Van Gogh’s emoji looks surprisingly cheerful…especially considering that he’s bleeding and missing one ear. The last emoji of the series is also, fittingly, the beginning: a Michelangelo emoji features the key hand gesture in the Creation of Adam, minimalist and silhouetted against a pink backdrop. These emojis are a clever tribute to famed artists and their works, and would make wonderful additions to the emoji lexicon.

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