A new app from Innocent Drinks was designed to help their strawberry supplier reduce their depletion of water from a national park

The production of products on a mass scale takes up a lot of supplies, but when Innocent Drinks found out its strawberry supplier was depleting water from a national park, it created an app to help regulate its irrigation use. Irri-Fresa is an Android app set up so that farmers can effectively monitor the amount of water they are using.

The problem occurred when Innocent Drinks found out that their suppliers were using water needed to preserve the world heritage Doñana national park. Working in coordination with the University of Cordoba, the suppliers have been working on a system of short bursts of water to water their crops while helping to preserve the wetlands. So far, the app has helped decreased water usage by 40 percent, saving 2 billion liters in a year. The team hopes to expand their efforts to larger companies who use suppliers in the area to reduce water usage and maintain the ecologically important park with workshops and other tools.

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