PSFK Picks The Most Innovative Education Hubs In Boston

PSFK Picks The Most Innovative Education Hubs In Boston

The Innovation Debrief: Boston unveils unique education hubs in the greater Boston area

  • 25 july 2016

Boston is home to 35 universities, including Harvard, Boston College, MIT, Boston University and Tufts. It is consistently ranked as one of the most educated cities in the United States, whether the ranking is based on the quality of education, the number of PhDs or any other evaluation of education. Couple this with a culture of innovation, this hyper-educated city has been the home of numerous edTech startups and institutions dedicated to changing how people learn and how knowledge is disseminated.

Society of Grownups

The Society of Grownups offers events and classes that teach young adults general professional and financial skills through engaging personalized experiences. Although its main focus is to assist people with general financial planning through one-on-ones with financial advisors, they also provide classes, chats, supper clubs and guest speakers. Numerous topics from managing finances before getting married to paying for a home are covered. The society also keeps up a blog on topics from budgeting to taxes.

edward kennedy

Edward M. Kennedy Institute

Students are able to learn about the legislative process by engaging in a replica of everything that goes in within the Senate’s chambers. The aim of the institute is to educate the public about the Senate’s role in the U.S. government through interactive experiences.
In addition to the public exhibit halls, the museum also has two programs designed to immerse students in the legislative process. One is the Senate Immersion Module, a two-and-a-half hour program that challenges groups of 32 to 100 students to use their negotiation and debate skills in order to pass a bill. The second is the Senator-In-Training experience, which invites students to step into the role of a senator. Using tablets, students choose a party and state to represent for the day.

nuvu boston


NuVu is a full-time school for middle and high school students based around multi-disciplinary and collaborative projects instead of classes. Instead of the traditional schedule where students transition from one subject to another, at NuVu, students spend the entire day focused on one problem. This problem ranges from designing a robot to re-imagining Boston’s public transportation system.  Instead of grades, students graduate with a portfolio. The school was founded by a group of graduates from MIT in order to reframe how people approach education.

For more on Boston’s innovative retail sector, download PSFK’s full Innovation Debrief: Boston.

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The Innovation Debrief: Boston offers a cheatsheet of inventive business concepts and new creations born in Boston. Sitting at the confluence of industry and academia, the city has become a hotbed of innovation across industries. The debrief covers innovation in the retail, health and wellness, education, civic, and the startup sectors and outlines lessons the city offers to inspire innovation elsewhere. Download the report today to discover the best Boston has to offer.

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