PSFK Picks The Most Innovative Retail Sites In Boston

PSFK Picks The Most Innovative Retail Sites In Boston

The Innovation Debrief: Boston unveils the most innovative stores in the greater Boston area

  • 21 july 2016

Perhaps more than any other industry, retail is under constant pressure to evolve and respond to new consumer needs. It just so happens, Boston is a hotbed of innovation and experimentation when it comes to retail. Both nascent brands and established retailers are using the city as a testing ground for their stores—reinventing the retail experience in Boston is the way the following brands are moving forward.


Pantry is a grocery store that provides shoppers with quick meal kits that come with fresh produce they can cook at home. When shoppers enter the market, they can choose from dozens of rotating recipes available on cards throughout the store. Similar to services like Blue Apron, Pantry provides all the necessary ingredients in one go. However, Pantry holds an upper hand because it eliminates the waste produced from keeping foods fresh during delivery.

Pantry provides a one-stop, curated shopping experience that lets anyone prepare a fresh, healthy meal at home.

Converse’s Boston Flagship Store

innovative retail sites Converse_at_Lovejoy_Wharf_-_Blank_Canvas__original_hd_1600

Converse has a Blank Canvas studio which invites shoppers to customize every little detail of their kicks. It is possible to choose if you want leather or eyelets, laces, toe caps and even custom prints on the sides of the shoe. The store also features exclusive lines that include collaborations with local artists. There is even a line that caters specifically to the local area: shoes that features a red stripe across the bottom representing the Freedom Trail.

Verizon Wireless’s Boston Destination Store

innovative retail sites verizon destination boston store

This interactive experience store puts technology into context. The location was designed to showcase how technology is intertwined into our everyday lives. The 8,000 sq. ft. retail space carries 1,700 products displayed in six lifestyle zones: music, fitness, toys, small business, connected home, and phone accessories. Shoppers can get hands-on with the tech even. For example, the music zone lets visitors experience Bose headphones by mixing tracks from Boston-based artists via the Verizon app. The store also provides novel touches like a selfie booth and custom phone case maker, making the whole shopping experience very enjoyable.

For more on Boston’s innovative retail sector, download PSFK’s full Innovation Debrief: Boston.

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The Innovation Debrief: Boston offers a cheatsheet of inventive business concepts and new creations born in Boston. Sitting at the confluence of industry and academia, the city has become a hotbed of innovation across industries. The debrief covers innovation in the retail, health and wellness, education, civic, and the startup sectors and outlines lessons the city offers to inspire innovation elsewhere. Download the report today to discover the best Boston has to offer.

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