Gamers could soon be able to search for local trainers and coordinate meet-ups

RazerGo is a companion app for the mobile game phenomenon Pokémon Go from a California-based gaming brand that lets users find other Pokémon trainers using location-based chat. Players will be able to find and talk to other local users to create team-based group chats, adjust the geographical range of Poke-friends and search for players from a three mile radius to nation wide, 600-mile region.

Users will also be able to direct messages to other players individually. Of course, it isn't hard to meet other Pokémon Go players in the real world even without an app–simply head to your nearest local park or university, or anywhere surrounded by multiple Pokestops. But the app wants to make coordinated gym conquests easier, and might actually come in handy for future Pokémon updates, such as the ability to trade with other players.

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