The park is designed to offer fun multi-sensory learning for kids affected with cerebral palsy

In collaboration with the London Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy, a design company made a pop-up playground, the Milkshake Tree, that will help stimulate the different senses through movement, reflections, space and different surfaces.

pH+ architects, the brain behind the Milkshake Tree, granted the request of a child in the center—to make a milkshake tree. But ph+ architects had something different in mind and opted to make a playground that aims to encourage conductive education techniques. The multi-sensory ramp offers a copper xylophone that kids can play music with. There is a 12 square meter gold-mirrored cube in the middle with leaf-shaped cut-outs with glass prisms to showcase kaleidoscope effects. There’s also a sensory roof garden, a treehouse classroom and a mud kitchen for further interactive learning.

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