Augmented reality isn't just used for Pokemon Go—now, sports enthusiasts can enhance their game through Microsoft's AR technology too

With help from Microsoft and Seattle based Augmented Reality software maker Taqtile, the PGA Tour is experimenting with innovative ways to engage fans, design courses, improve operations and provide benefit to golfers. At The Players Championship tournament earlier this year, PGA Tour officials, sponsors and players got a chance to test out new demos on Microsoft’s Hololens device, interacting with virtual maps of holes and accompanying statistics.

The ability to visualize gameplay and see hole-to-hole shot data for individual players is, needless to say, far more captivating than staring at an excel spreadsheet, and serves to further engage participants at all levels. Broadcasters, for instance, can use Hololens to explain different shots and tactics as part of their commentary, while the players can picture those different shots to map out possible strategies and analyze past performance.

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