Mindfulness Meditation For Kids Is Now Available Through Your Phone

Mindfulness Meditation For Kids Is Now Available Through Your Phone

Headspace is an app that aims to give kids a head start on their mental development through meditative practice

Jiwon Kim
  • 13 july 2016

Studies on meditation continue to prove that it does wonders for the brain and body. Headspace has been in the forefront of providing guiding meditations via technology. Today, it launched Headspace for Kids in an effort to provide the same benefits for the younger generation.

Headspace for Kids will be available on the already existing app. Children can go through breathing exercises and also go through multiple sessions that will teach them valuable life skills. The app also hopes to provide an opportunity for children and parents to spend time together in a mindful way. The product features five themes: Calm, Kindness, Focus, Sleep, Waking Up and it is split into three age groups: five-and-under, six-to-eight and nine-to-12.

Co-founder of Headspace Andy Puddicombe explains, “Maintaining a healthy and happy mind is essential throughout life, but there is no better time to learn than when we are younger.”

In order to create Headspace for Kids, Headspace went into schools to test out pilot programs. After a great amount of research, the app has been refined into a tool that eases kids into meditation and hopefully a lifetime of great mental health.



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