Matt Weiss, Managing Director at IDEO coLAB, discusses what makes Boston an innovation hub

As someone who proudly calls Boston home, I’ll start with a confession. Over the past decade, I’ve seriously considered moving west more than a few times. As a guy doing software development, then startup stuff, then online product management, then design, I’m far from alone in that temptation. We have 100-plus schools and some of the best universities in the world, and as the Boston Globe reported about a study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Massachusetts retains the lowest percentage of graduating students in the nation. But with each new gig, and despite my love for the opposite coast, I decided to stay put. As it turns out, my latest career adventure is digging those Boston roots even deeper, and I don’t think I’m alone in this case either. Boston is transforming, and I have a hunch that we’ll see a lot more students sticking around for great opportunities here rather than searching for them elsewhere.

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