National Geographic Creates The World’s First T-Rex Chatbot

National Geographic Creates The World’s First T-Rex Chatbot

The publication partnered with +rehab studio to answer kids' questions through Facebook Messenger

Jiwon Kim
  • 27 july 2016

Children now have the opportunity to “talk” to dinosaur thanks to technology. National Geographic KiDS and +rehab studio have partnered up to create a T. Rex chatbot to educate children. Children are able to chat with a T.Rex named Tina through Facebook Messenger. The point of this program is to answer any questions children may have and encourage them to let their imaginations run wild. The chatbot will be available on NG KiDS’ Facebook pages in the UK, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Tim Rodgers, Founding Partner at +rehabstudio, said, “Chatbots are popping up everywhere, but Tina is distinctive as an edu-bot, focusing on educating kids on dinosaur facts. It is amazing to have brought a creature that has been extinct for 65 million years back to life.”

T-Rex Chatbot

This project is possible thanks to AI technology on Facebook Messenger. Hopefully, this will just be the beginning of AI technology making waves in the education space.

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