AI Curates And Delivers Individual Meals Every Day

AI Curates And Delivers Individual Meals Every Day

Forkable settles lunch-time disputes by creating customized meal plans based on a person's tastes and restrictions

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 12 july 2016

If you’re managing a busy team or working to finish a big project, ordering lunch can often be the last thing on your mind. Instead of figuring out catering or gathering a ton of orders, Forkable handles the ordering automatically to every person’s taste and preference.

This AI program helps order food on a large scale for individuals without needing the direct input of managers, team leaders, or other workers who usually spend time trying to organize lunch. This not only makes sure that everyone gets exactly what they want to eat but also that time spent deliberating over what to get and ordering it all is reduced.

Once a group signs up, each individuals inputs their preferences and dietary restrictions. From there, the program schedules lunches on a weekly basis for each person, one which they can change or cancel with ease. The lunches are delivered at the designated time without needing any input. After enjoying the meal, each person can rate their experience, helping the AI learn what they like and how to customize their orders in the future. All of the food comes from restaurants that have partnered with Forkable, so in that sense it is a bit limited, but less so than its competitor Eat Club, which allows for little customization.

The program is already being used by several different companies, handling orders daily for teams of over 100 people. According to feedback left on Product Hunt, the program provides a number of restaurants to choose from with several options presented from there. Currently, the company is only serving a handful of cities in the United States, but even if they aren’t in a city near you, you can fill out a request for more information to hopefully get Forkable to set up in your area. Pricing options also vary depending on the budget of the group in question.

Whether you’re looking for a way to increase efficiency, pleasing many different palettes, or are just tired of arguing the merits of Chipotle versus Pret A Manger, Forkable may provide a viable and cost-effective solution.


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