The Schaeffer Bio-Hybrid concept is designed to be an energy-efficient and sustainable way for people to commute

The clever folk at bearings manufacturer Schaeffler have taken aim at the snowballing issues of modern mobility with a four-wheeled, single passenger, pedal-assisted Bio-Hybrid concept. Mankind’s classical modes of transport are in dire need of an innovation that meets the demands of our expanding populous and combats our unhealthy penchant for fossil fuels.

“The world population will have grown to more than eleven billion by the end of this century, according to UN estimates: a rapid development that also goes hand in hand with the unstoppable change in mobility needs and ways to satisfy them. Accordingly, traffic in metropolitan areas has been increasing at breathtaking speed. Cities like Istanbul, Tokyo, or Hamburg have long begun to search for solutions to smog, noise, and lack of parking space,” states Schaeffler’s Micro-Mobility Fact Sheet.

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