Polaroid's new service offers one-second video clips that offer a greater field of view by tilting and tapping your phone

Polaroid long ago fell victim to the dark side of innovation. The latest attempt for the brand to crawl it's way back to relevancy comes via a new photo-sharing app that has licensed the Polaroid brand name. Polaroid Swing, backed by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, offers users more than just a snapshot. Each “image” captured by the app is a one-second video that can be brought to life by either dragging a finger across the screen or titling the phone from side to side.

The app captures the video at 60 frames per-second and uses “frame-bending algorithms” to smooth out the image making them feel fluid and engaging. Viewing Polaroid Swing's pictures work best on mobile, rolling a smartphone from side to side gives the viewer a unique perspective based on the velocity of the swing.

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