Avoid harmful floating air particles while showing off heaps of style

Since efforts to clean out the air continue to be sluggish in cities across the world, why not protect yourself in the meantime in style? A unique startup called Façade Urbane is making sculptural air-filtering masks that don’t just protect your respiratory system but also crown your face in couture.

There are two main mask lines: form-fitting patterns for professionals and the much bolder origami tessellations for avant-garde fashionistas.

The market price is $89 for five of the disposable origami masks. A reusable mask in gold was $136 if bought through the now-defunct Kickstarter campaign. No word yet if the masks will still come to life since it the campaign cancelled 12 days after the crowdfunding launched. The project’s website is still up though and those interested might want to sign-up on the mailing list.

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