PSFK Launches The Innovation Debrief: Boston

PSFK Launches The Innovation Debrief: Boston

New report spotlights innovation happening in “The Hub,” with a focus on the retail, health, education, civic and startups sectors

  • 6 july 2016

In conducting research for PSFK’s intelligence portal as well as our countless reports, we couldn’t help but notice the inordinate number of innovative products, services, and organizations coming out of Boston. Given the amount of innovation emanating from Boston, its nickname as ‘The Hub,’ coined by author Oliver Wendell Holmes, is fitting, and so, we’ve launched The Innovation Debrief – Boston: America’s Hub Of Innovation.


Today, the city’s high density of startups and a supportive civic infrastructure have helped The Hub continue to produce generations of revolutionaries, dreamers, and visionaries. As home to numerous prestigious institutions like MIT and Harvard which act as beacons for the world’s brightest minds to congregate, collaborate, and create together, Boston also serves as an incubator testing new ideas with its diverse residents. This report shines a spotlight on five sectors that are churning out new ideas everyday:

● Retail

● Health and Wellness

● Education

● Civic

● Startups

In each section, readers will find best-in-class examples of how businesses and entrepreneurs are continually developing and testing new ideas that continue to push New England and the country into the future. We have also included maps to encourage visitors to Boston to get out and explore.

Download Innovation Debrief: Boston here to get your cheat sheet to consulting firm 1776’s #1 best city for startups.

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The Innovation Debrief: Boston offers a cheatsheet of inventive business concepts and new creations born in Boston. Sitting at the confluence of industry and academia, the city has become a hotbed of innovation across industries. The debrief covers innovation in the retail, health and wellness, education, civic, and the startup sectors and outlines lessons the city offers to inspire innovation elsewhere. Download the report today to discover the best Boston has to offer.

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