In an endeavor to make out-of-this-world travel sexy again, the Commercial Spaceflight Federation is working to design glamorous and inclusive experiences for the modern age

Armstrong’s footprints on the moon is a well-documented moment in history, a part of a timeline known as the Space Age which took place nearly fifty years ago. Since then, humanity has made tremendous advancements in space exploration and technology, yet the Space Age belongs to the past – few would say we’re still in it.

But if the world’s first commercial spaceline Virgin Galactic, alongside aerospace manufacturers SpaceX and Blue Origin have anything to say about the matter, it would likely be that we’re living on the cusp of major breakthroughs, such as the standardization of reusable rockets and interplanetary colonization are within reach. To help the Commercial Spaceflight Federation (CSF) – the leading voice within the industry, composed of some 70+ key players in the field – innovation firm Viceroy Creative spearheaded a strategic shift aimed to make space sexy again.

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