Artist LanVy Nguyen has created a socially responsible footwear line that pays homage to age-old Vietnamese traditions

After leaving her gig in corporate finance, LanVy Nguyen became the founder of online retail space Fashion4Freedom, a company that designs attire that is both trendy and socially responsible. In her most recent footwear series “Reincarnated Soles,” Nguyen has designed a collection of heeled peep-toe booties in a range of colors, all created to highlight the ancient tradition of Vietnamese wood art.

Popularized centuries ago in the city of Hue, Vietnam, the craft of Pagoda wood-working has been embedded in the region's culture for generations. Pagoda art was among the ancient crafts that once sustained livelihoods, helped define cultural identities and assign a unique value to Hue's inhabitants. While centuries of transformation have led up to our now highly-globalized economy—subduing many traditional crafts and occupations—Fashion4Freedom looks to bridge the gap between contemporary fashion and ancient aestheticism.

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