The space presented by Aesop offers attendees a calming place to recharge and explore products

Skincare brand Aesop is known not just for its products, but for its distinctive packaging and unique retail spaces all over the world. The brand created an installation in collaboration with Australian architecture firm Partners Hill where concertgoers who attended the MONA FOMA music festival in Tasmania had the chance to cool off and protect their skin from the sun with Aesop products.

The pop-up space called Chamber of Light and Shadow was shaped like a wooden pavilion and hidden among shrubbery near the entrance to the Museum of Old and New Art, and offered a calming space where attendees could recharge in between performances and leisurely explore the brand’s products. Product pumps filled with sunscreen, after-sun lotion, hand wash, and a refreshing facial spray were installed behind metal panels in wooden boxes for festival-goers to use. Large brown apothecary jars, like the ones used by the company to package its products, were used to support shelves and allow light into the space.

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