A new platform wants to increase traffic to local bookshops by offering immediate pick-ups or speedy deliveries

NearSt is a London-based startup that offers one-hour book deliveries from local bookshops, so that you can get instant gratification and skip Amazon altogether. Users can search for their desired book and enter their postcode to see its availability. They’ll be able to either order the book for immediate pick-up from a local bookstore, or get the book delivered within an hour by a variety of scooter and bike services across London.

Almost 40 bookstores have signed up for the book delivery platform, which links up with stores’ preexisting systems for easy integration. The platform takes six percent of the final sales price of each product. For newly opened independent bookstores, the platform is an excellent way to drive in new customers, and a viable way to compete with online retailer giants like Amazon. NearSt co-founder, Nick Brackenbury, told The Guardian, “We think finding and buying something from a shop nearby should always be faster and easier than ordering it online.”

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