The SIMBA Decision Aid was created to help breast cancer survivors determine next steps for a check-up plan

Although cancer survivors have much to celebrate, there is a need for more conversation around the aftermath of cancer. Most patients have to make difficult decisions about what kind of check-up plan they want to pursue to monitor their health. In an effort to address this issue, Group Health Research Institute asked the Artefact design team to create a tool called SIMBA. Its purpose is to help breast cancer survivors decide what kind of post-cancer treatments they should pursue.

SIMBA can be utilized on a tablet and is designed to present important facts about mammograms and MRIs, the two main checkup options. Research shows that choosing between the two options cause a great deal of stress for survivors because there are numerous pros and cons to both. It is difficult to state what is exactly the best option. As a result, SIMBA also asks users to reflect on factors such as money and physical discomfort.

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