A photographer traveled around the world taking photos of landmarks from angles you normally wouldn't see

Social media is saturated with photos of famous landmarks. It is not uncommon to have seen the same angled shot of the iconic Eiffel Tour or the glorious Machu Picchu all over the internet. Photographer Oliver Curtis strays from the conventional route by taking pictures at these famous landmarks but pointing the camera away. This project called, “Volte-Face,” which is defined as a change of position so as to look, lie, etc, in the opposite direction.

The project began four years ago when the photographer was at the Gaza pyramids in Cairo and was captivated by the scenery beyond the pyramids. He realized that there was something beautiful behind capturing other angles and perspectives of these places. He went on to other landmarks such as the Great Wall of China, the Korean DMZ, Stonehenge, the Louvre, Taj Mahal and many others, using his photos to create a new way to look at things.

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