The app's users can now be connected to monkeys to learn more about the risks they face in the rainforest

While Tinder and other online dating apps have made dating so much easier, they have arguably given people option overload. One undebatable advantage of Tinder is the service's ability to connect people, which is exactly why The Body Shop chose to promote its global Bio-Bridges planting program through the platform. As a part of the campaign, Canadian female Tinder users ranging from the ages of 18 to 35 will find a match that happens to be a monkey by the name “Reggie.”

Reggie is a Red Shanked Douc monkey who lives in Central Vietnam. If a user swipes right, she gets to learn more about the Body Shop's program dedicated to restoring 14.5 million square meters of rainforest in Khe Nuoc Trong, Vietnam. Building Bio-Bridges connect rare animals like Reggie to other mates so these species continue to exist and the ecosystems are preserved. This is a way to counter the illegal logging, poaching and harmful activities that remain a threat to the rainforest.

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