A Berlin-based company is building modular, solar-powered cabins on top of city rooftops to appeal to the urban nomad

A Berlin based team is trying to build miniature, sustainable homes on the city's unused rooftops. Cabin Spacey‘s prototype, aptly named Model Zero, is just 20 square meters and can house two people using solar power. The timber mini-home consists of an outer shell and an interior component, which contains a bathroom, bed and kitchenette. The housing unit will have central A/C, furniture and heat, using a large solar set-up integrated into the floor. “


“For urban nomads, the minimal house is the perfect choice,” the Cabin Spacey founders write. “It’s easy to transport, easy to install, and easily hooked up to existing utilities and infrastructures, whether unused roof, urban wasteland, or parking lot.” The project reached its fundraising goal on Indiegogo, and the prototype is expected to be launch in October.

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