Streetwear Shop Publishes A Fully Crowdsourced Lifestyle Magazine

Streetwear Shop Publishes A Fully Crowdsourced Lifestyle Magazine
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Reliant on a cohort of creatives and creators, the issues feature user-generated content highlighting the evolution of youth culture

Craig Davis
  • 12 july 2016

Online fashion community and clothing retailer VFILES has moved into the print media industry with the publication of WOMB, a completely crowdsourced lifestyle magazine showcasing user-created content from “editors, models, musicians, photographers, stylists, designers, writers and artists of all mediums” with a focus on the global youth movement.

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The magazine is a collaboration between VFILES and photographer Kevin Amato, with celebrity co-signs from the likes of designer Calvin Klein, musicians and CL, and teenage fashion influencer Luka Sabbat, who is WOMB’s curatorial director at large.

The first edition, titled We’ve Got Issues, released in-store and online July 11.


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