Nike Redesigns The Runner’s Bib

Nike Redesigns The Runner’s Bib
Fitness & Sport

The new bib fixes directly onto the kit with no need for safety pins

Emma Hutchings
  • 15 july 2016

Sports brand Nike has redesigned the track and field bib, creating a perforated and breathable micro-layer knit that fixes directly onto an athlete’s kit. Created as part of Nike’s new symbiotic track and field speed system, which has been engineered to reduce drag and maximize effort, the AeroSwift Bib forms a seamless and stretchable layer that moves with the body.


The traditional paper bib that attaches with a safety pin creates drag and distraction, which goes against Nike’s progressive and streamlined system. So Nike’s designers engineered a bib that takes inspiration from the AeroSwift Tape and can withstand a marathon’s worth of weather and wear, while still easily peeling off at the end of the race.


+AeroSwift Bib

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