Track Your Kids Whereabouts With This No-Fuss Phone And GPS Locator

Track Your Kids Whereabouts With This No-Fuss Phone And GPS Locator

Parents can now remotely monitor their children with the use of a simple device that's both a phone and tracking device

Azalea Pena
  • 12 july 2016

As a parent, the last thing you’d want to worry about is where your kid is. Haltian, a Finland-based company, wants to help ease that concern by designing a phone and GPS locator made especially for kids: the Snowfox Trackerphone.

Snowfox is the ultimate safety device to keep track of children without restricting their independence. Made specifically for kids, it is a no-fuss device and doesn’t have a learning curve. Kids need to only push a button and the device sends a call notification to the parent. Mind you, this is not a smartphone. There are no games or apps to play here.It comes in two cute colors: blue and pink. Snowfox is play-proof too so durability is a non-issue.

Moreover, Snowfox boasts a long battery life, a powerful antenna with real-time connectivity and the ability to locate your child in a map and instantly make voice calls wherever they may be.

Snowfox Trackerphone

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