Turn Your Phone Into A Laptop With This Device

Turn Your Phone Into A Laptop With This Device

The Superbook lets you use your mobile phone as a fully-fledged laptop, perfect for travelers or people on the go without a lot of space

Anna Johansson
  • 19 july 2016

You can do almost anything on your smartphone, from working on productivity apps to sending work emails. But there are still things that are much easier to handle on a laptop or desktop than on a mobile device, particularly if you’re trying to work away from the office. Having a more portable laptop would make things a lot easier when on the go. Andromium’s Superbook is a device that attempts to solve the problem of the smartphone being just far enough away from a PC that people need both devices. Through the Superbook plug-and-play device, you can use your Android phone much the same as you would a laptop.

Of course, the Superbook isn’t the first smartphone plugin to offer a PC experience. You might be familiar with the HP Elite X3 or NexDock; the Superbook works similarly. The Superbook itself is just a terminal usual desktop features, including the larger display, a trackpad, longer battery life, and multiple ports. When all of these features are connected to the smartphone, it projects the display to a larger screen. The smartphone itself is the computer.

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There’s a beta version of Andromium on the Google Play Store already. The company began marketing their product back in 2014 when they tried raising funds through Kickstarter. Over time, the project has gained a lot of speed, making it a product that’s hard for any entrepreneur, techie, or average consumer to say no to.

Andromium literally goes beyond the Android app platform. It can essentially run a full desktop when you have the right plugins for the smartphone. There are also a variety of apps that go with it to complete the desktop experience. However, many of these apps haven’t undergone proper testing, so it’s not clear how well the entire system works together.

The current display for Superbook is 11.6 inches with only HD resolutions. There are Type-C and micro USB ports, and Andromium is promising a solid eight hours of use before the battery dies. The display and all the plugins are only made for Android 5.0 or later right now, but if it’s successful, they’re hoping to make it iOS-compatible.

Needless to say, the specs are a little wanting. We’ve seen greater displays from HP and NexDock, but not a better price. Superbook will be officially launching on July 21 with a very low starting price of $99. Those who contribute to the Kickstarter fund may be eligible for discounts as well. This incredibly low price may be what lets this PC enhancement stay competitive in a quickly growing market.


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