Upgrade Your Car With A Backup Camera Connected To Your Phone

Upgrade Your Car With A Backup Camera Connected To Your Phone

A new take on automotive tech lets you bring modular upgrades to any vehicle, instead of paying for expensive options from the dealer

Ido Lechner, Home Editor
  • 14 july 2016

With the help of Tesla and 3D printers, the new frontier in automotive vehicles is modularity: the ability to replace and/or improve a car without having to buy a completely new model. At the forefront of this movement is Pearl Automation, a tool builder for upgrading the tech within a car, headed by Bryson Gardner and his team of former Apple executives. Kick-starting its product offerings is RearVision, a replaceable frame for your license plate which feeds 180-degree video directly to your smartphone when one is in reverse.

Because an estimated 20 to 25 percent of cars have a backup camera, drivers of older makes would normally be missing out—until now. Because the typical car development cycle runs anywhere from five to 10 years, implementing simple fixes like RearVision (a simple screw-in process) can tremendously modernize otherwise outdated vehicles at marginal costs.

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“…In turning the car into a software car, there’s a lot of opportunity to [turn] individual features into software solutions,” says Gardner. “Rather than waiting for the future promise to materialize in a new car, we see a lot of opportunity in creating those core techs and creating systems that help the human driver today.”


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