Virtually Try On Over 120 Shades Of Lipstick

Virtually Try On Over 120 Shades Of Lipstick

Inspired by Tinder, the app allows users to swipe through a variety of options to quickly find the most flattering shade

Lauren Kirkwood
  • 25 july 2016

California-based cosmetics brand Urban Decay has teamed up with digital design studio Oven Bits to launch Vice Lipstick, an app that lets users virtually try on different shades of lipstick.

The goal of the app, which was inspired by Tinder, is to encourage consumer engagement and promote the company’s new collection of lipsticks, also called Vice Lipstick. To test-drive a wealth of options—there are 120 shades in the collection—users simply take a selfie and then swipe through different shades to find the most fun or flattering choices. The app also allows users to create an album of photos to share with friends, who can weigh in on their favorites.

According to Urban Decay, the app reached 100,000 downloads in the first three weeks after its launch. Most users stay on Vice Lipstick for about five minutes at a time, and about half of those who open the app are new users, while the other half have previously tried it.

Vice Lipstick

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