The retail chain is stocking dented fruits and vegetables in an effort to combat food waste

This week, America's largest grocery store started selling unappealing-looking apples this week. These ugly apples will be a part of a line called “I'm Perfect.” This is a move to attract more consumers, gain profit and help relieve a huge food waste problem in the U.S. Walmart‘s decision to release these apples may encourage other companies to follow suit.

A great amount of produce ends up superficially damaged by the weather and other circumstances. As a result, they fail to make it to the produce section in grocery stores even though they taste as good as the ones that survive untouched. It is difficult to figure out what to do with these leftovers. For some, they are repurposed to make products like apple juice and applesauce while others end up in animal feed. When options run out, produce ends up in landfills as food waste, contributing to the planet's greenhouse emission problem.

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