Wear A Wellness Tracker Around Your Finger

Wear A Wellness Tracker Around Your Finger
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A device that can measure calories, fat and protein intake, heart rate, stress levels, and more

Emma Hutchings
  • 7 july 2016

BioRing is a wellness tracker in a ring that automatically measures calorie, fat and protein intake, sleep levels and status, heart rate, stress and water levels, activity intensity, distance and steps. The advanced tracker has been built to improve health and wellbeing, with personalized fitness and health plans, and a user-friendly app.

BioRing provides a detailed breakdown of the food you are eating and helps you manage your weight. It packs a lot of technology inside the small and stylish premium ceramic zirconium ring of Scandinavian design, which is available in either black or white. It is also lightweight, waterproof, scratch-proof, ergonomically designed and feels comfortable on your skin.


Three sensors offer a unique insight into the wearer’s body and diet: a 3-axis accelerometer that measures body movements, an optical heart-rate sensor, and a bio-impedance sensor. Food primarily consists of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, with carbs being broken down into glucose and transported into your cells with the help of insulin. The bio-impedance sensor measures the changes of fluid levels in your cells, including how long your glucose level stays inflated and how long it takes to drop back to normal. All readings obtained from the bio-impedance sensor are sent to the app where a proprietary algorithm calculates calorie intake and glucose curve to provide a macro-nutrient breakdown of your food.

BioRing is currently raising funds on Kickstarter, where you can get your hands on one for the early bird price of $199, with shipping estimated in November.


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