Consulting firm Deloitte and industrial solutions firm Vandrico have partnered up to become the go-to source for activity tracker data

As time goes on, more tech wearables hit the market. New technology and companies have led to an increase of desirable tech wearables, making it difficult to keep up with all available options. Deloitte and Vandrico have created a wearable technology database with the sole purpose of keeping track of these ongoing wearable additions.

The database is easy to navigate: all a user has to do is click on a part of the body and explore available wearables.

Thus far, there is a list of 442 devices from 306 different companies. The goal is to make this an ongoing project and a resource available for all. This increase in supply is a strong indication that owning a tech wearable is no longer an unreachable luxury. This database may be the perfect way to figure out what is the best option for any individual.

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