An imperfect figure becomes a familiar and powerful statesman against the wasting of food

Mr. Potato Head is calling out all the picky shoppers out there. Food waste is a growing problem and not buying imperfect or blemished potatoes certainly isn’t helping. So, Hasbro created Wonky Mr. Potato Head, and auctioned it off on eBay, to represent the fight against food wastage.

Hasbro worked with ASDA, a UK grocery chain store, to come up with the disfigured figurine. The project raised funds for FareShare, a charity that happily give surplus food to the needy. To raise the money, the figure was auctioned on eBay; the final bid was £550.00 after 67 bids were placed. Although the money will be very helpful to the charity, one must not forget the purpose of Wonky Mr. Potato Head: to tell everyone that imperfect fruits and vegetables taste the same as the good-looking ones. Fight food waste now.

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