Nucleus can manage grocery lists, check the weather and play music via voice commands

Nucleus, the world’s first anywhere touchscreen intercom, was born after Amazon opened Alexa up to developers. Think of the device as a touchscreen-enabled Alexa, or an iPad featuring an always-on Siri. First showcased in CES 2015, the creators began accepting pre-orders late last year, and the product has finally hit Lowe’s shelves in 500 U.S. stores, as well as on for $249 a pop (or two for $400).

Unlike Apple’s illustrious tablet, Nucleus can be easily wall-mounted as a means of checking-in on kids. You can also add milk to the grocery list, check the weather and play your music directly from the intercom—all of the things Alexa did before she garnered a display. For the elderly, who formerly weren’t comfortable operating Skype without assistance, voice command is all it takes to see their out-of-country grandkids wreak havoc in the kitchen.

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