Analog Solitaire Set Recreates The Iconic Windows 3.0 Deck

Analog Solitaire Set Recreates The Iconic Windows 3.0 Deck
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Coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the original computer card game, Areaware released cards created by its original artist

Dave Zucker
  • 23 august 2016

When Susan Kare designed the card faces and backs for the first game of computerized solitaire in 1990, her tools were simple:

“I worked on the original pixel art for the on-screen Solitaire cards in 1990 using an IBM PC, Microsoft Paint, and the typical 16 VGA color palette of the time.”

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For the game’s 25th anniversary, Kare created two new Joker cards exclusively for New York City home and kitsch retailer Areaware, in full 72 dpi glory.

Kare’s work might be most fondly remembered for the hours spent not working, but her designs also inspired productivity for the better part of three decades: she designed the icons for the original Macintosh Operating System, including lasso, trash can, and the command key () which still adorns Mac computers to this day.

The decks are available for $14.00 a piece, which is insignificant compared to the amount of time they’ll help waste.

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