Israeli startup RideOn weaves digital overlays into the thrill of skiing with an unconventional pair of protective eyewear

Whereas current-generation AR technologies tend to place their overlays in the peripheral, RideOn’s goggles embraces the display in favor of a well-designed user experience. Controlled completely through sight, wearers can interact with the floating UI simply by staring at the icons for fixed intervals of time, ensuring their hands stay warm in their gloves and their cellphones remain in their pockets.

With point-based games and challenges for players to compete against each other and themselves, they can improve their skiing proficiency through the gamified experience. The goggles also feature high-def video recording capabilities, which seamlessly upload to social media so skiers can share highlight reels among their friends. If you ski with your friends, a video chat function adds a previously unavailable connectivity to the slopes, further allowing buddies to view each other’s location or throw a virtual snowball their way.

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