The car company's newest vehicle features an LTE-based system which estimates the amount of seconds until the signal changes to green

On par with traffic jams, the villainous red light is perhaps the worst aspect of driving. While startups like Waze are handling the traffic problems, Audi decided to tackle the latter by introducing a new feature called ‘traffic light information system,’ which will count down the remaining time at standstill for populated nook and crannies across five major cities in the United States.

The idea is ambitious, and to reach its goal the automotive giant had to partner with a number of cities to get access to traffic light data. By establishing an ‘Audi cloud,’ through which the select line of vehicles send data, the company is able to run a predictive algorithm and establish a countdown timer to better ready drivers for the green light. On a technical level, these timers are more so predictions than fully accurate data, and the General Manager for Connected Vehicles Pom Malhotra asserts that the cloud only pushes predictions which measured with high confidence levels.

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