The PodRide has a fabric exterior and allows for cyclists to travel no matter what the weather holds

Bicycle share programs are starting to gain more momentum in cities as a popular alternative to crowded mass transit. However, bad weather quickly turns people away from cycling. Mikael Kjellman, a design engineer and avid cyclist, found a solution to this problem by creating his own version of a bike and car hybrid. Called the PodRide, the studded tires and waterproof fabric make it possible to bike despite icy roads and heavy snowfall.

As a native to Sweden, Kjellman knows what it is like to live in an environment not very suitable for biking. Surprisingly, he has not invented a special type of technology to make the PodRide work. Instead, this environmentally-friendly ride has perks such as a heated windshield and even a small trunk to place any items in. It is compact, yet has a seat that has the same height as one found in a small car. There is a standard electric motor and control system as well.

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