A residential space is being designed for commuters to easily transport goods

A new apartment building being built in Malmö, Sweden is aimed at city-dwellers looking for a modern, urban lifestyle. The Cykelhuset Ohboy! is designed to meet the needs of cyclists, with many features that would make things more convenient for them, including raw concrete surfaces, large elevators, wide doorways, bike-friendly finishes and bicycle parking.

Designed by Hauschild + Siegel, the seven-story building has apartments on floors 2-7 and maisonettes on the 6th. Each apartment includes solar cells that charge the space with electricity, and a balcony with a planter and an irrigation system. The ground floor will have 33 hotel-style rooms each with its own entrances which can be rented by the night. An orangery and shared roof garden offer sweeping views to be enjoyed by all tenants and neighbors.

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