The advertisement changes between four separate messages based on real-time congestion data

In Toronto and Montreal, drivers are treated to a one-of-a-kind billboard ad experience. Whenever there is traffic congestion, this Dannon Yogurt advertisement will change four times depending on the traffic condition.

Carat, Dannon Yogurt’s ad agency, worked with Y&R and Dynamic Outdoor to create this digital billboard. Using the real-time traffic data from driving intelligence company INRIX, the billboard changes are triggered by traffic congestion. For example, if it’s gridlock and the speed of the cars are lower than 20 percent of the speed limit, the billboard will change to read “Speed Limit: 3KPH.” For drivers in Don Valley Parkway, the ad copy  shows “It’s called Parkway for a reason.” When traffic is very slow (20-34 percent of speed limit) the ad reads: “There’s no fast way home,” and if traffic is slow (35 to 64 percent of speed limit), the “morning coffee, meet your best blouse” ad is shown. More than entertaining drivers, Dannon Yogurt aims to increase brand awareness and sales through these unique adverts.

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