This Fitness Tracker Will Coach And Improve Your Running Form

This Fitness Tracker Will Coach And Improve Your Running Form
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PSFK gets an inside look at STEPP, a device that maps your motions

Jiwon Kim
  • 11 august 2016

Tech wearables are flooding into the market, promising to measure calories, steps, sleep quality, etc. The list continues to grow and the market is heavily saturated with fitness trackers. Nonetheless, we were intrigued when a new startup, VST Tech reached out with its first developed product, STEPP. STEPP is a wearable that can measure a runner’s form and limb motions. It uses this information to give runners feedback in real time. PSFK met with STEPP at a nearby gym to test the product out.

Before lacing up my shoes, two clips were tied into my shoelaces and another small device was clipped to my waist. The three small devices work together to measure the runner’s movements, including foot pressure, knee impact, touchdown angles and more. The information can be found through the STEPP app, which takes all the measurements and gives fitness advice to the runner. I was able to see on the computer screen the sensors responding to any movement of my feet.

“Professionals use biomechanics, slow-motion cameras, and tons of analysis to help runners get stronger and remain injury-free,” said STEPP co-founder Fisher Ding. “With STEPP, this personalized service can be with you anytime, anywhere, and at a fraction of the price.”

The point of STEPP is to let runners make data-driven decisions on how they should be running and when they should potentially stop. The personalized feedback makes it possible for runners to fix any problems to deter any serious injuries from occurring. For now, anyone can back up STEPP on its Kickstarter campaign. The retail price is $299 but they plan to provide it to those who back them early for $99. The plan is to provide casual runners and professional runners access to valuable information that does not require the spending of too much money.


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