The WHYM is a DIY brew kit that lets you add custom flavors to your alcoholic beverage at a fraction of the usual time

Ever wanted to brew your own six-pack from the comforts of home? WHYM is a portable kit that will let you design your own in just 24 hours. The kit includes a growler, carbonation cap, CO2 cartridge, funnel and steeping vessel for instilling specific flavors into your brew. Other items include cleaning accessories and a recipe book for popular brews, with tips from breweries to create a beer that's truly your own.

The beer base is not included although the instruction manual shares where to buy a supply. To brew a beverage, mix and boil grains, add flavors and introduce CO2 and bubbles to the beer. Each batch is two liters, or about the size of six beers, and will be ready to drink in a day. Traditionally, home-brewing takes up to two weeks.

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