Bring Your Kids’ Drawings To Life In An Interactive Game

Bring Your Kids’ Drawings To Life In An Interactive Game

Osmo's new iPad app takes storytelling to a whole new level by letting readers put their art directly into the narrative

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 12 august 2016

If you’ve ever read Harold and the Magic Crayon, you might have wished for the ability to create things just by drawing them. App developer Osmo brings kids one step closer to that reality by creating a game that brings drawings to life on the iPad.

Monster is a new app that makes anything a child draws a digital reality, converting images on a board into objects in the game itself. The iPad first has to be connected to a stand and the dry erase board placed in front of the tablet. The mascot, named Mo, asks players to draw a specific item, like a magic wand or an apple, to take part in the story. Once the player is done, they tap a button and Mo brings the drawing onto the screen, exactly as it was drawn on the tablet. The way it works is that the iPad’s camera scans the drawing on the table, which is enabled by the red piece that is placed over the top of the tablet.

kids drawings osmo monster snowflake.jpg

The game is designed to interact with kids through a questions and answers format, as well as saving masterpieces in the gallery. Osmo co-founder Jerome Scholler tells Wired that the game is meant to take the typical entertainment interactions with children to the next level:

“It sort of started with Sesame Street, when the puppets would ask a question to the audience and rhetorically wait for the audience to answer. Monster is taking this one step further where Mo actually uses the kid’s input into his world.”

The creative kit, with the dry erase board and markers as well as two other Osmo games, is available on their website for $49. The game currently has a ‘magic show’ activity, with two other unnamed activities to be released in the near future.

If you want to see how a monster helps to bring artistic creations to life, watch the video below:


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