Bubble Cities Could Offer A New Urban Oasis In The Future

Bubble Cities Could Offer A New Urban Oasis In The Future

A forecast from SmartThings predicts that developers might be using current technologies to create underwater communities in the next century

Charlie Stephens
  • 1 august 2016

According to a forecast in the SmartThings Future Living Report, in 100 years we could be living underwater in what can be described as bubble cities. The report, authored by leading academics and futurologists, explains that these “sub-aquatic communities” could become viable communities as the demand for urban space increases.


Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock for Samsung SmartThings, at Spectrecom Studios, London. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Tuesday December 15, 2015. Photo credit: David Parry/PA Wire

These underwater cities would consist of self-sustaining pods that are powered by the water around them. Through electrolysis, H20 could be split into breathable oxygen and hydrogen for fuel, meanwhile currents would make for an endless supply of free energy, and desalination technologies such as the watercone would produce fresh drinking sources.

This report was commissioned by the Samsung-owned IoT firm SmartThings to shed light on how much the world has changed in the past 100 years, and how much it could transform in the next 100.

SmartThings Future Living Report

Lead Image: TaylorHerring | CC | No changes made

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