Clickbait Titles Used For The Good Of Charity

Clickbait Titles Used For The Good Of Charity

An agency devised an unlikely campaign that uses clickbait as a positive force to drive awareness to nonprofit initiatives

Laura Yan
  • 26 august 2016

Digital marketing agency RXM Creative has created a project that uses clickbait to drive traffic to good causes. Clickbait for Good uses sensational headlines to link readers to charities and important causes. A headline that reads “Whoa…. HOW this eight-year-old made her first 1 Million Dollars” leads to to the Alex Lemonade Stand Foundation, which raises funds for childhood cancer. “OMG! Shocking Photos of a Man after 30 years of drugs” leads to the success story of a recovered drug addict who found the professional help he needed through The Hope Program.

The project invites charities to submit stories to be featured. Currently, the agency looks for worthwhile content on the internet and then brainstorms the click-baity titles. Mihai Botarel, creative director at RXM Creative, told the Wall Street Journal, “what we see is clickbait usually points to trivial news and meaningless issues. We wanted to use this [tactic] but shift it onto things that really matter.”

Clickbait for Good

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