CNN Launched An Entire Drone Division Of Their News Network

CNN Launched An Entire Drone Division Of Their News Network
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CNN AIR incorporates aerial footage into the corporation's ongoing news coverage

Marielle Castillo
  • 25 august 2016

News industry leader CNN recently announced CNN Aerial Imagery and Reporting (CNN AIR), an Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) unit that combines aerial imagery and reporting. The unit will employ two full-time flight operators which will integrate the new capability across CNN’s entire portfolio of networks and platforms.

CNN plans to use the drones not just to enhance production value, but also for context and understanding from above—as recently shown during coverage of Flint’s water crisis—and to improve documentary storytelling of the network’s Great Big Story and other projects across Turner and Time-Warner.

“CNN’s cutting-edge development of technology to enhance the way we tell stories is a part of our DNA,” said Terence Burke, Senior Vice President of National News, in a press release. “We are proud to continue the tradition with CNN AIR, and to establish a unit that will expand our technological capabilities for newsgathering.”

Current Federal Aviation Administration rules require that remotely operated aerial vehicles stay below 400 feet, but CNN is one of the three companies involved in the FAA’s Pathfinder program, which uses drones for experimental long-range operations. As a part of this effort, CNN has shared data and research with the FAA and Georgia Tech Research to aid in the creation of rules for commercial UAS operations in the country and to figure out the safest ways to integrate aerial image capturing into CNN’s operations.


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